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Cristiano and Sheena Savage are not just DJs, they are an experience. Based in Tulum, Mexico, they are known for their deep, melodic grooves and cosmic atmospheres. These two producers joined in 2015 to create the musical duo


Using music as a language, they communicate sounds of connectivity, intimacy and melodic pleasure. They have a wide range of timing and genre experimentation that has been refined into what they call their "Sonic Journey". Refusing to limit the genres of inspiration, expect to hear influences from around the world. Maintain a consistency; Organic rhythm.

Sharing a passion for audio, the Savage & SHē site records many of the sounds used in their releases. They combine turntablism, pre-Hispanic / Afro Latin percussion, vocals and other unique instruments to create an eclectic hybrid Savage & SHē experience. When they are not making music, they balance their days between breathing, exercise and meditation in nature.

House, Study, Sanctuary: TULUM.

They spend their winters on the beaches of Tulum, Mexico, where they write and perform for the most respected event groups. On tour in Europe spending summers in Ibiza Performing at Blue Marlin, Destino Ibiza, The Zoo Project, Sunset Ashram to name a few.

Sheena has shown creative excellence throughout her life. As an award-winning hair stylist, singer, designer, painter and published model.

Sheena toured her musical talents across Canada in her youth as the lead singer of several retro / rock bands, allowing her vibrant energy to shine on stage today.

There is no shortage of originality with SHē.

Cristiano has been a multi-instrumentalist for a lifetime. Starting with teenage rock / punk bands; he later shifted his focus to electronic production with Latin / Mediterranean influences from his late grandfather.

This dynamic duo will elevate your soul and keep your body moving throughout the night.

Their unique blend of Afro House, Melodic Techno and Deep House jumped between the top two digits in the Beatports top 100

With their latest release: Our Sky (Original Mix) on [RADIANT.] Reaches 11th position in Afro House.

Savage & SHē have released many familiar names such as;

Abracadabra, trueColors, earthly delights, RADIANT. Talavera Records.

Savage & SHē are no strangers to the main stage; both as headliner and as direct support for the likes of: Luciano, Adriatique, Audiofly, Andhim, Be Svendsen, Behrouz, Miyagi, Matthias Meyer, & ME, The Soul Brothers, Steve Lawler, Art Department and Roger Sanchez to name a few .. Expect to see Savage & SHē live, because they are rapidly growing on the festival circuit and capturing the hearts of their audience, that's just what they do.

Follow Savage & SHē on their sonic journey!



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