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Sea Activity

A weekly plan to never get bored during your stay at Riva del Sol Beach Resort ...


You can also make individual reservations agreed with our manager

Weekly program


    1 h

    150 euros

    2 h

    100 euros
  • Giochi da Traino non è solo sport acquatici. Divertimento assicurato!

    15 euros

  • 1 h

    15 euros

  • 1 h

    10 euros

  • 1 h

    15 euros
  • Pagaiare sull'acqua con una tavola stabile e sicura. Godersi i colori

    45 min

    15 euros
  • Pagaiare sull'acqua con una tavola stabile e sicura. Godersi i colori

    25 euros
  • Pagaiare sull'acqua con una tavola stabile e sicura. Godersi i colori

    30 euros
  • snorkeling su i 2 relitti di Santa Caterina

    40 euros
  • Un passe-partout esclusivo per visitare la meravigliosa costa ionica

    80 euros
  • Una giornata a bordo della splendida Riva del Sol Boat un 14 metri

    5 h

    200 euros
  • Niente coda al check – in, nessuna attesa per l’imbarco, nessun ritard

    120 euros
  • Mettere le ali ai piedi e librarsi in aria sopra il mare!

    80 euros
  • 15 minuti con patente nautica

    100 euros

  • 1 h

    100 euros


Open Day

All the activities will be partially available only for Professionals not-assistant-aviable


Sup lesson

Enjoy the water from a different prospective, it is neither a kayak nor a

surfboard it is Stand Up Paddle! Enjoy the colors of the water while you are training. You can

have a either a relaxing or an intense training, it is up to you to decide. You only need to

know how to swim.

Duration: 90 min

Max number of participants: 7



Kit-Surf Lessons


Wind, water and speed. Extreme adrenaline guaranteed! Learn how to

kitesurf with our instructor and enjoy the power of our kitesurf! You only need a little bit of

strength and being a good swimmer!

Are you ready for an awesome experience?

Duration: 1h

Max number of participants: 1


Excursion with yacht 14 meters in Caminia

A day on our beautiful Riva del Sol BOAT, a 14

meters yacht that will bring us in the water of Caminia, Pietra Grande and so many other

places of the Squillace Bay.

Snorkelling on the "vasche di Cassidoro" will leave you breath less, no worries, you have

your snorkel!

A delicious Italian lunch on board will be served, then only relax and enjoy the sun.

Duration: 6 hours, 10am - 4pm

Max number of participants: 6



Activity day


A classic water experience! The banana boat will give you so

much fun, alone or with your friends you will enjoy the blue water and the speed!

You only need to wear your safety jacket and you are ready!

The sub-wing is an extraordinary experience, keep yourself on it and decide to go under the

water whenever you want! Up to you to dive or to just enjoy the surface!

Fly-Board adrenaline guaranteed

Duration: 20 min each ride


Excursion in rubber dinghy and snorkeling on the 2 wrecks of Santa Caterina

Few hundreds of meters from the coast and

only 2 - 6 meters deep there are 2 beautiful shipwrecks, the Capitan Antonio and the

Marineta. You can enjoy the view of both of them from the surface with your mask and if

you are a good diver you can swim close them!

Duration: 20 min per ride

Max number of participants: 10



Sailing lessons

Have you ever been sailing? Feel the wind on your face and learn to be

Capitan Jack Sparrow. With our sail boat instructor you will 100% safe and relaxed.

You will learn how to sail a boat or you can just enjoy the sailing in the beautiful water of

the Mediterranean Sea.

Our Shalom is a laser, good for all ages over 14.

Duration: 90 min

Max number of participants: 1 participant

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