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And if you want to enliven your holiday by discovering our beloved Calabria, we recommend some of the most beautiful places to visit nearby:


The Bivongi waterfalls

The highest waterfall in Calabria and the southern Apennines. If you are a trekking lover, its paths will win you over! 


Le Castella 

Le Castella offers a journey through history, legend, myth and archeology, but also an exclusive journey through a naturalistic and historical heritage of considerable value.



Famous for its white sand beaches and secluded bays, this city is one of the most popular coastal tourist destinations in the region.

In summer, the quiet city of Soverato is filled with tourists who flock to enjoy its splendid sea. By organizing your holidays in Soverato, you can go to the discovery of all the beaches that open up on this rugged and rocky coast. 

The beach of Soverato extends along the city, with bathing establishments offering food and drinks to bathers. If you want a little more tranquility, drive north for about 15 minutes, until you reach Caminia, where you will find Caminia Beach, in a quiet, unequipped bay, surrounded by high and spectacular cliffs.

But Soverato is not just sea and beaches. The Santicelli Botanical Garden, located on a hill, offers not only an incredible amount of magnificent and colorful local and exotic flowers, but also a fantastic panorama.


Cattolica di Stilo-Borgo di Stilo

Legend has it that, to find escape from the continuous raids they suffered by the Saracens, the inhabitants of a former Greek colony took refuge en masse at the foot of the mountain, creating a city calling it Stilida. 

Here you will breathe ancient history.



This splendid town is located in the province of Vibo Valentia, along the coast of the Gods, for its suggestive views and for its proximity to the splendid Aeolian Islands. Overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea, Tropea is in fact one of the most enchanting places on the Calabrian coast.


Soverato By Night

Soverato nightlife and nightlife

The fun a  Soverato is very developed and has one of the liveliest nightlife in all of Calabria.

The Europa promenade is the center of entertainment in Soverato where you can spend pleasant evenings in the company of many beautiful people and lots of live music.

We point out that almost all nightclubs in Soverato offer live music and DJ sets in the evening and admission is totally free.

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