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TO RIVA DEL Sol Beach Resort

1. A unique resort located on the beach of Santa Caterina Dello Ionio

2. The Long Beach

3. Take a selfie with one of the giant Hindu statues in the resort

4. Your private pool of the Nature seafront rooms

5. Playing beach volleyball at sunset

6. Enjoy the best #drink during the sunset in the pool bar

7. Night entertrainment , you will never be bored

8. Pool #party del on Friday !

9. Unique resort #adults friendly +12 from the coast

10. Sleep in soft bed in the room #Thai

11. Wake up every morning with the wave sound.

12. Experience the thrill of the open sea in #Kite Surf

13. Restaurant #Soft-All Inclusive with buffet ,which will make jealous even other international resorts

14. New restaurant a la carte, where you can taste unique fusion #Sushi, Brasilian and you will not miss the Mediterranean tastes.

15. Emotional #aperitivo on the boat or on our terrace directly in the front of the sea

16. Our smiling #staff

17. Gym in the front of the sea

18. Yoga lesson on the beach or on the #SUP

19. Breathing the exotic atmosphere, even when you are in Italy.

20. Remember to inflict our sunsets and sunrises.

21. Have we mentioned already the sun and the sea?

It is not possible to choose only 21, but we do not want to continue the list, so we will ensure that your vacation is no longer, but there are other interesting motives!

If you are not sure about your vacation, Riva del Sol Beach Resort is a perfect place, dove trascorrere una settimana o anche di più in sicurezza, in un ambiente curato, when it comes to settling or angry in security, in a comfortable environment, when it comes to finding the right to do so, whatever preferences: sports activities, excursions, a tuffo in the pool, unwrapping the sun, collecting the music to the end of the night, initiating to pay a queen to make it happen!

Don't miss your last chance until the end of this week of the first prize for a good end to a discount of -20% on your daily quarters. And in June, we did not offer our offers.

We are waiting for you on the beach!

Noi abbiamo attivato la PROMOZIONE EARLY BOOKING! Un super sconto valido in questo periodo se scegli il Riva Del Sol per le tue vacanze al mare in Calabria!

Puoi scriverci o chiamarci, richiedere anche solo un preventivo, il nostro staff è sempre disponibile!

Spero di incontrarti, con il sorriso sulle labbra, qui, la prossima estate al Riva Del Sol!

A presto e un saluto da Santa Caterina dello Ionio!


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