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AL RIVA DEL Sol Beach Resort


The Instagram star and Tik Tok on holiday in Calabria, in the famous RESORT "Riva del Sol"

On Instagram with 33 million followers his fame has surpassed that of Chiara Ferragni (who has "only" 24), live Khaby Lame has crossed the whole Apennines to spend his holidays here, in Calabria, and celebrate here the 100k followers, precisely in Santa Caterina sull' Jonio, in the most famous luxury jungle style Resort on the coast, "Riva del Sol".

The famous influencer of Senegalese origins, made famous on social networks by his short comic scenes with which, with simplicity and incomparable sarcasm, he makes fun of those who carry out simple actions complicating them for no reason, has chosen Calabria as a destination for his holidays, and is immediately boom of followers who want to meet him and immortalize themselves in a selfie-memory.

He chose Riva del Sol Beach Resort to celebrate his Tik Tok 100M event at 7:00 pm 10th August

Khaby Lame Alessandro Riggio with the owner of "Riva del Sol", Marco Guido

The event will be held this evening 10 August at 19:00 by the pool with Tik Tok balloons


You can write or call us, even ask for a quote, our staff is waiting for you

See You soon in Santa Caterina dello Ionio!

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