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Why is June better than August?

at Riva del Sol beach Resort

Hello from Riva del Sol Beach Resort,

spring is knocking loudly at the door, these days the temperatures touch 20 degrees during the day, the vegetation all around is tinged with beautiful colors and the sea water is getting brighter.

We are intent on creating a new area within the resort, I won't give anything away....

Can you guess how come?

Already last season at the Riva del Sol, if you were with us, you got a glimpse of it-but that's all I'm saying!

In fact, I will tell you one thing:

do you know why June is better than August to stay at the Riva del Sol?

  1. the sea is crystal clear and it's a sight to behold early in the season

  2. the weather is usually not overly hot

  3. the resort is not as overflowing as it is in the very high season and all the facilities are exploitable to the fullest: pool, pool bar, entertainment, sea and land activities

  4. Last but not least: you can also stay from 2 nights up, choosing the formula you prefer, B&B to then try our restaurants inside or full board for a carefree vacation!

Have I convinced you?

If so, all you have to do is contact us by phone to request a quote and get more info

See you soon...

a big greeting from Santa Caterina dello Ionio...

Translated with (free version)

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