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al RIVA DEL SOL Beach Resort



I know, how many times have you shared this sentence with your partner, friend, dear friend, whoever you want!

Yes, because the sea, let's face it, is not just sun, sand and salt.

Behind there is much more!

There are carefree days, there are dives, toasts and aperitifs overlooking the sea, fish dinners, exciting shows under the stars, new friendships, excursions, sports and lots and lots of relaxation!

And if you still don't know, I have just described the type of holiday that you experience at Riva del Sol Beach Resort, in the beautiful Santa Caterina dello Ionio, in Calabria.

#Flashvideo of your holiday at Riva del Sol Beach Resort

A Resort Full of surprises

where you will live the unique experience of being in Italy but breathing a multi-ethnic atmosphere.

If you are still undecided about your next holidays, the Riva del Sol could be the ideal destination, whether you are traveling with friends or with your sweetheart!

Our land is full of wonders to see, experience and taste ...

Take advantage by asking for a quote now, we have very advantageous prices, to give you your next holiday by the sea!
We have activated the

A super discount of up to 20%

valid during this period if you choose the Riva Del Sol

for your beach holidays in Calabria!

See you soon and greetings from Santa Caterina dello Ionio!


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